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A blog of Zelda & Link from Nintendo's game series The Legend of Zelda.

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I’ve been replying to asks privately on mobile, but I don’t think they’ve been going through. I answer all of what I receive, so if you’ve sent me an ask, I promise I’m not ignoring you!!


art by:




Doodlin late at night is not gonna help my current health but gawd dang it was worth it


Queen Zelda from Hyrule Warriors! I’m hyped for this game.

May we meet again in another life…


Link finds the grave of his predecessor. More specifically, he finds the grave of his predecessor who failed.

I’m officially writing this thing! Not sure where to put it yet.


Atmosphere color studies~


These blocks need to go in a specific order, you don’t understand.


zelink: through the ages


it is 3:30am and my zelda print for metrocon is d o n e


Here have this too, cause I sure ain’t doing nothin’ with it.


Sky Children

Inspired by the free fall in the last episode of Eureka 7 :’D


restarted Skyward Sword and absolutely in love again………im happy they at least have a happy ending…………….while my peripheral replay of TP isn’t that optimistic…

i’m still not very confident in my colouring but i hope to get there someday!! i should probably search up a tutorial or not use terrible discount crayons. pose idea/skeletons from a lost ref bc i have 0 imagination. proud that i filled in the shapes&details myself! ey

fullview to kill the blur please


Zelda spirit track art.
I redesigned it a bit here, because I don’t like how nintendo reused the same design over again.
I think the game is sorta cute, even though I can’t stand controlling link with the stylush..
Some people may complain about the train, and how it’s too modern (totally ignoring that majoras mask had a whole temple with machinery and ocarina had a freaking Jukebox, which is probably more modern than trains). I thought the train was okay because it looks like old fashioned type of train, and the overall game still is a fantasy.
Though I oddly enough wouldn’t mind Zelda on this timeline going more into a some sort of steampunk high fantasy mix up XD. Because this is kinda the new land Tetra founded, and Hyrule is kinda old story and dead by this time.
But I still have some questions about the game, even though I haven completed it once. Who the frick is this Malladus dude?, is he like a reborn newer form of demises curse? since he’s named as “demon king”?.